Le Grand Silence

by 10,000 Horses

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released September 11, 2015



all rights reserved


10,000 Horses Montreal, Québec

10,000 Horses is the house band in the bar at the end of the world.

In dreams, sisters Velvet and Lady Nite were visited by the spirit of Khutulun, Kubla Khan's niece. This warrior princess vowed to marry the man who beat her in a wrestling match, losers would pay her horses. Unbeaten, she amassed 10,000 horses. ... more

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Track Name: Tolerant Bed
Loathe to leave the comforts of a gilded cage
Kick away the warm duvet on a tolerant bed
Words that are strangling
A carrot is dangling
There must be a better love

Closets filled with shared possessions
Blind eye turned to new transgressions
Each one afraid to ask
Wearing the same old mask
And gloves
There must be a better love

Oh, how we meant well
Nights were spent well
Is it not a gift
To simply
Love the one you're with
Track Name: Let's Cry
Cry me a river, I'll cry a storm
We'll cry and cry and cry, until the waves breach the shores
Waters rising, we'll flood the towns
Legions of mourners in raincoats gather round
To cry
Let's all cry

Cry for what we've forgotten, cry for what we've lost
Cry for how we're living, cry for the cost
Each teardrop falling soaks the ground
Flowers and grass sprout just to hear the sound
Of our cries
Let's all cry

We'll dive right in
Float sink or swim
Down the river of our tears
How does that sound to you dear?
Track Name: Still Last Night
Somewhere it must still be last night
Somewhere I must still be the man
Wearing the pants
Taking the chance to make the first move
Nothing to prove, nothing to prove

Somewhere I'm still on my game
Somewhere, you are the same
Game dame or beau ready to go
Where my hand leads
Small of the back past the back of slow dancers

Who'll breathe their sighs
Before this song is through
As dark is fading into dawn
Yawning mouths mouthing goodbye

Somewhere the night is still a child
Somewhere the clocks just make us laugh
All that we have, all that we have left to do
Just me and you and this improbable sky

'Neath which I'll cry
Before our time is through
As dark is fading into dawn
Our yawning mouths mouthing goodbye